Newhouse School Style Guide

These guidelines bring together components necessary to communicate the Newhouse School brand. They establish a guiding visual tone, leaving room for flexibility, expression and spontaneity.


There are four versions of the Newhouse logo; usage will depend on available space.

Primary Configuration

Using the primary logo configuration, both the standalone and wordmark logos need to be displayed on the document, typically in the header and footer areas.

Newhouse standalone logo

This logo must be used in conjunction with the primary configuration. All schools and colleges are required by University brand standards to include the official Syracuse University wordmark alongside their respective logos.

Newhouse School standalone color logo


Newhouse School standalone white logo


Newhouse School standalone white logo


Newhouse and Syracuse University wordmark

This logo can be used alone or in conjunction with the Newhouse standalone logo.

Newhouse School Syracuse University white logo


Newhouse School Syracuse University white logo


Newhouse School Syracuse University white logo


Secondary Configurations

On designed materials offering less space (i.e. "tchotchke" items such as bottles, keychains, etc.), or when representing the Newhouse School as a sponsor, one of the following logos may be used. The vertical ("stacked") arrangement is the preferred of these two. The horizontal logo arrangement may be used when design parameters call for it.

Newhouse School Syracuse University vertical color logo

Color -- Vertical

Newhouse School Syracuse University vertical white logo

White - Vertical

Newhouse School Syracuse University vertical black logo

Black -- Vertical

Newhouse School Syracuse University horizontal color logo

Color -- Horizontal

Newhouse School Syracuse University horizontal white logo

White -- Horizontal

Newhouse School Syracuse University horizontal black logo

Black -- Horizontal

University Seal

Usage of the University seal is reserved for applications appropriate to the formal endorsement it carries. Examples include official stationery, Chancellor communications, diplomas and certificates, and matters pertaining to financial aid and/or University policy.

Read more about usage on the Syracuse University Brand Guidelines website.

Syracuse University Seal


Orange is the official color of Syracuse University and should be the dominant color on all designed pieces. "Newhouse blue" and approved grays may be used as neutrals throughout the brand.

Use the color format in the right space

Typically the CMYK/PMS formats are for the printed page, and RGB/HEX are for the web and screen displays.

Aim for color contrast for readability

Colors without enough difference between them can blend together and be hard to read.

Don't rely on color alone

When crafting a visual message, utilize space, hierarchy, type contrast (font size, font weight), and layout before incorporating color.

Newhouse Blue


Newhouse Gray

Cool Gray 7C

Syracuse Orange


Extra Dark Gray

Black 7C


The official typeface of Syracuse University is called Sherman.

There are two primary categories included in the Sherman family: Sherman Serif and Sherman Sans.

Both typefaces can be downloaded from Syracuse University's Brand Guidelines site.

Primary Typeface

Sherman Serif

Sherman Serif is the primary typeface of Syracuse University. It can be used as a display or text font, however, using it as a display font is preferred.

No other serif typeface should be used in combination with or in place of Sherman.

Supporting Typeface

Sherman Sans

Sherman Sans is the supporting typeface of Syracuse University. Like the serif, it can be used as a display or text font, however, using it as a text font in support of Sherman Serif is preferred.

No other sans serif typeface should be used in combination with or in place of Sherman Sans.


All requests for Newhouse stationery items, including letterhead, envelopes and business cards, should be directed to Katie Gerace in the Newhouse budget office.

For more information about stationery items, see the Syracuse University Brand Guidelines.


Below are a few templates to assist in the production of quality materials that meet our branding guidelines.

Event Poster

Event posters should be designed in Adobe InDesign.

The .zip file package contains the InDesign template (.indd), as well as the exact layout, text boxes, colors, fonts, logos, etc.

When the poster design is finalized, export it as a .pdf file and print it.

Newhouse School Syracuse University event poster example

8.5x11 Poster


Download this zip which contains a starter Powerpoint PPT file.


  1. Warning: Unlike a PDF file, a Powerpoint .PPT file doesn't carry the typeface files with it. For example, if you send your Powerpoint file to a conference in California and they don't have Sherman installed (which they probably won't), Powerpoint will substitute Sherman with system fonts like Arial, Verdana, Georgia, Tahoma, etc.
  2. If that poses a problem, we recommend using the system fonts instead of Sherman:
    Replace Sherman Serif with Georgia.
    Replace Sherman Sans with Arial.
  3. If your presentation contains static slides, (no animations or slide transitions), and you want the Sherman typeface to display properly, we recommend exporting your Powerpoint presentation as a PDF (because the .PDF file will carry the typefaces with it). You can export a PDF within Powerpoint via File > Print, and there's a small PDF export menu in the bottom left corner of this print screen.
  4. When you present with a PDF, you can set your PDF to full screen mode and click through it as if it's a Powerpoint presentation.
  5. If you're working with a designer, you could have them design slides in Adobe InDesign, export as JPGs, and place them into a Powerpoint file. The JPGs need to be sized 1024x768px at 96dpi.

  6. And as a last option, if you want a Powerpoint presentation with animations/slide transitions, AND Sherman to be displayed properly, you should present using your own laptop with the fonts installed beforehand. This eliminates all the display variables listed above and allows you to maintain quality control.

Slide Examples

Title slide - Color

Title slide - Gray

Title slide - Orange

Basic slide - white

Basic slide - half image

The image is 512x768px at 96dpi.

End slide - Color

End slide - Gray

End slide - Orange

Social Media

Profile Branding

For use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, etc.

Keep important information in the center circle. Social media profile icons use a mix of circle and square formats. When you are creating your profile icon, it is critical to keep the key content to a minimum and put it in the center circle because that is what most visitors will see.

Photoshop template

400px x 400px
In order to edit this .PSD file, you will need Adobe Photoshop.

The .ZIP file below contains the .PSD file.

Within Photoshop, please export the profile image as a JPG or PNG.


Email Signature Standards

To standardize email protocol, the availability of contact information, and adherence to accessibility guidelines, we need to configure our email programs in a consistent manner.

All of the email standards are detailed on Syracuse University Brand Guidelines website.

Newhouse School Syracuse University email signature


Video Standards

Bumpers are a visual way to provide an intro to or exit from your main content.

The Newhouse School bumper is a 6-second clip with an approved animated logo that may be used at the beginning and end of an official school video.

Opening bumper (7 mb)

Closing bumper (7 mb)