the Newhouse buildings at sunset

Newhouse School Zoom Backgrounds

Want to show off your Newhouse pride? Place yourself in Newhouse for your next Zoom meeting!

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The Newhouse school at sunset.
The Newhouse School is where you want to be!
The Diane and Bob Miron Digital News newsroom
The Diane and Bob Miron Digital News Center is outfitted with all the latest technology, ready for students to produce a live newscast.
Students at the cafe is where students go to grab some food, work on projects with classmates and socialize. Photo by Hieu Nguyen
The Newhouse 3 lobby
The Newhouse 3 lobby is designed to let in all the possible sunlight. Photo by Saniya More
Orange wall of the Dick Clark studios
Imagine yourself in front of the iconic orange wall at Dick Clark Studios. Photo by Rachel Burt
Newhouse 1 computer lab
The Newhouse 1 computer lab is available for classes and students needing to get their classwork done on a powerful iMac. Photo by Tanya Hu
Students getting equipment in the Newhouse Cage
The Cage in Newhouse 2 is where students get access to the latest in communications tech for their projects. Photo by Jiaman (Maggie) Peng
The Visitors Center in Newhouse 1.
The Visitors Center in Newhouse 1 is where prospective and current students can go for information, connection and support. Photo by Gavin Liddell
Newhouse School background logos - blue.
Blue logo board
White Newhouse logo board
White logo board
Newhouse School background logos - orange.
Orange logo board