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  • Designing and Developing New Media
  • Digital Cinema
  • Interactive Design
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • New Media and Politics
  • Communications Management
  • Documentary
  • Film Industry
  • Internet Design
  • Writing for New Media

Larry Elin

Associate Professor Television, Radio & Film Also teaches in: Communications

Before joining the Newhouse faculty in 1998, Larry Elin spent 25 years as a creative executive in interactive multimedia, interactive television, feature films, animation and special effects, television graphics and advertising. His credits include computer animation for the feature films "Tron" and "FernGully: The Last Rainforest"; popular children's CD-ROMs for Hasbro Interactive; and products for Disney Interactive, Mattel, Hearst Corporation, Turner Interactive and SegaSoft.

Elin is the recipient of several industry awards, including a Clio, a Grand Prix, a Gold Medal at the New York International Film Festival, a silver from the Broadcast Designers Association and a Presidential Leadership award from GTE.

He has written or collaborated on three books: "Click on Democracy: The Internet's Power to Change Political Apathy into Civic Action"; "Designing and Developing Multimedia"; and "Designing and Producing the Television Commercial."


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