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Why Your Gift Matters

Your tax-deductible gift to the Newhouse School makes a difference, regardless of the amount.

The most important gifts we receive are unrestricted gifts to the Dean's Discretionary Fund. Small, medium and large gifts add up to create impact in the lives of our students far beyond what you might imagine.

Supporting the Dean’s Fund will:

  • Help provide academic scholarships to deserving students who would otherwise be unable to attend the Newhouse School;
  • Help support our cutting-edge facilities and provide opportunities for entrepreneurship;
  • Fund benchmark trips to New York City and Los Angeles, where students can learn from professionals in the field and network with Newhouse alumni.

Alumni participation rate—the percentage of alumni who give back—is an indicator of alumni satisfaction and contributes to the school’s national rankings. However, you might be surprised to learn that our alumni participation rate is far below that of our peers, and does not reflect the overwhelming level of pride that our alumni share. It is time to bring our participation rate back to the top, and you can help us do that with a gift in any amount.

Please consider becoming an annual donor to the Newhouse School; you can help us create the next generation of media leaders who will continue the Newhouse tradition of excellence.

To learn more about this and other giving options, contact Ed Gorham at 315-443-4926 or