Making It a Reality Podcast No. 7: Providing salary requirements and tips for salary negotiation

Providing salary requirements and having to talk about what you think you deserve to earn can be intimidating for many people. In this episode of the Making It a Reality podcast, Kelly Barnett discusses the best way to position yourself during the application and interview phases and how to ask for more money if you feel like you're being low-balled.


Making It a Reality Podcast No. 6: Juggling multiple job or internship offers

This podcast walks through what to do when you receive multiple job or internship offers, and how to tactfully handle the tricky situations that arise when you haven't yet heard back from your "first choice" company.


Making It a Reality Podcast No. 5: Finding an internship

In this episode of the Making It a Reality podcast, Kelly Barnett discusses the steps to conduct a proactive internship search and how to follow up on applications in order to give yourself the best chance of receiving multiple internship offers.


Making It a Reality Podcast No. 4: Preparing for interviews

This podcast walks through the stages of preparing for a job interview. Learn what to expect, how to thoroughly research the company, the best ways to talk about yourself and your experience, and tips for answering difficult questions.

Making It a Reality Podcast No. 3: Put your best foot forward on social media

Director of strategic communication and digital engagement for the Syracuse University Office of Alumni Engagement and former Newhouse adjunct professor Kim Brown joins CDC Director Kelly Barnett for a talk about how to make a positive impression on social media. They discuss which sites to use, how to establish a professional presence, what to avoid doing and what tools exist to use in conjunction with social media to aid your job or internship search.

Making It a Reality Podcast No. 2: Conversations without Expectations

This episode discusses networking in more detail, including how to become more comfortable with the process and how to stay motivated and deal with frustration. Special guest Bridget Lichtinger joins the conversation to discuss best practices for getting results.

Making It a Reality Podcast No. 1: Recapping the Job Hunt seminar

This podcast recaps the four-step process that the Newhouse Career Development Center advises its graduating students to follow in order to get results. More experienced job searchers may use this as a refresher course for conducting a proactive job hunt. The handouts and an example of the Google spreadsheet referenced in this podcast are available in the Making It a Reality handbook, which is available here. A review of seminar “homework,” followed by a review of what makes a good “elevator pitch,” starts at 16:45.

Music credit for all CDC podcasts: "Carefree" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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