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Newhouse—the student perspective

What is it really like to be a student at the Newhouse School? The Newhouse Ambassadors can give you the inside scoop.

The Newhouse Ambassadors group was established in 2001 with the purpose of positioning current Newhouse undergraduate students as models of possibility for prospective students, especially those who are members of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. Since 2001 the Newhouse Ambassadors have become a key component in the undergraduate recruitment process as Newhouse continues to draw more and more students from a diverse array of backgrounds.

Today, Newhouse Ambassadors represent all eight undergraduate majors available at Newhouse and are well-known leaders in student-run media organizations and across campus at large. As shining examples of just how rich the Newhouse experience can be, ambassadors interact with prospective students and their families at every stage of the college selection process. They are excellent resources for information regarding a range of topics from studying abroad and landing a big internship, to getting involved in student organizations and balancing a dual major. To contact a Newhouse Ambassador, call 315-443-4493.

Studying abroad as a Newhouse student

By Ambassador Alexis Hidalgo, public relations

I’m Alexis Hidalgo and I’m in love with the world. I want to go to every continent before I die and yes, that includes Antarctica. Just after graduating high school I was able to visit Europe, which only made me crave more international experiences. I was thrilled to learn that I could feed my passion for languages, culture and people as a Newhouse student.

My first destination was Santiago, Chile. I was gone for six months, but every moment was incredible and irreplaceable. I now have friends from all over the world that I met during my program. Meeting and building these relationships was my favorite part of the experience. From living with a host family and eating the delicious food, to traveling the country and meeting wonderful people with spectacular stories, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

And I am! This summer I am interning in Madrid, Spain and I could not be more excited. I am living with another host family and I am more than ready for the adventures and experiences that are in store for me. I would recommend that everyone study abroad at some point during their Newhouse experience—and not just because trying new foods is amazing. What I’ve learned in my own travels is that in the process of exploring other cultures and places, you end up learning a whole lot more about yourself. 

Staying active and involved in campus organizations and publications

By Ambassador Chazz Inniss, magazine

If I could describe every Newhouse student in one word it would be: involved. There are so many different campus organizations and publications where you can explore your interests or practice what you learned in class. 

Magazine majors have endless opportunities on campus since there about 20 student-run magazines here at Syracuse University. Magazines based on food, fashion, pop culture, music and much more!  My favorite is Jerk Magazine, where I am the assistant style editor. I get to style fashion shoots and edit all of the style coverage of the magazine. Click here for a behind-the-scenes look at the some of the work I get to do.

In our March 2015 issue, we focused on the jewel tones trend. Once we created a mood board of inspiration for the shoot, we hired models, a photographer, a makeup artist and ordered clothes for the shoot. We shot in a bar downtown called Al’s Wine and Whiskey Lounge that created a cool atmosphere for the shoot. You can check out the issue here.

In addition to working for Jerk, I have also written for Baked, our campus food magazine, and Zipped, our fashion magazine. Getting involved is the best way to try out different interests and build your résumé. 

The benefits of being a dual major, studying advertising and marketing

By Ambassador Crystal Hawley, advertising and marketing

When I applied to Syracuse University I didn’t know if I wanted to study communications or business, so I applied to both and was accepted as a dual, majoring in advertising at Newhouse and marketing in the Whitman School of Management.

With the dual program I get the best of both worlds. In Newhouse, I get to take creative classes and focus on media and storytelling. In Whitman I get to be more analytical and immerse myself in the world of business.  When I graduate I will be more marketable to employers in multiple industries. If I decide to go into the more creative side of media, I will still have a deep understanding of the business aspects of the industry, and vice versa. 

Even now I’ve gotten positive feedback regarding my dual major program when applying for internships. Most recently I was selected to attend the Forté College to Business Leadership Conference in New York City where 100 undergraduate women from diverse academic backgrounds come together to gain hands-on leadership experience, and to network with professionals. Click here to listen to what other students had to say about the dual major program.

Weaving poetry and creative writing into the Newhouse experience

By Ambassador Caroline Colvin, magazine

Writing is my passion—and the reason why I spend Monday evenings in a classroom. At 7 p.m. every Monday I meet other students that are a part of Verbal Blend for a poetry writing session. Verbal Blend is a Syracuse University spoken word organization for students (you can see us in action here).

Although I am already a part of the Poets Learning Community, I chose to join Verbal Blend so that I could hone my skills as a spoken word performer. Verbal Blend has opened my eyes to how movements, facial expressions and tone make the message behind the poet’s words come alive for the audience.

Prior to attending Syracuse University, I admired spoken word poetry from afar. With Verbal Blend I’m in the middle of the action. I love being a part of a community of other SU poets – undergraduate and graduate students alike. Their feedback is important and has helped me grow as a poet. All of the practice I’ve had with my friends at Verbal Blend helped me prepare for the 17th Annual Teen Grand Slam at the Apollo Theater in New York City.

My love of words and their effect on readers is the reason that I came to Newhouse, but it has been a relief to know that I can de-stress with Verbal Blend after a busy day of classes. Where Newhouse takes care of news writing, Verbal Blend takes care of creative writing.

Finding a work-life balance at Newhouse

By Ambassador Nicole DeMentri, broadcast and digital journalism and finance

College is all about time management. When I say that my planner is my life, I am not exaggerating. I have everything that I am going to do written down on the pages of my Kate Spade planner. Don’t let that scare you, though. Maintaining a social life and doing well in school is definitely doable—especially at Newhouse. 

For me, school always comes first. I scheduled all of my classes in blocks during the day so that I can complete my work during the time of the day when I am most productive. Right after my block of classes, I grab a meal at, our Newhouse eatery, and go off to do my homework. Usually at night is when I have my meetings and activities for the organizations I’m involved in. 

Juggling a full course load and participating in five different organizations would be impossible without planning and good time management. I am able to enjoy my time as a college student with free time to myself and still do well in my classes.  

If you don’t have a planner, I highly suggest getting one. It will save your life!​

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