Questions about the graduate admissions process? Check out the answers below.

Professional master's degrees

  • When is the application deadline? opener
    • January 15, 2017. Applications received after January 15 will be considered on a space-available basis.

      Application deadlines for the online master's in communications, Communications@Syracuse, can be found on the program's admissions page. 

  • How many applications do you receive and how many spots are available? opener
    • Application numbers vary from year to year, but we generally receive about 700 applications overall. The number of spots available in each program can vary as well. Average numbers for each class, by program:

      Advertising: 15
      Arts Journalism: 10
      Audio Arts:  12
      Broadcast and Digital Journalism: 30
      Computational Journalism: 5
      Documentary Film and History: 5
      Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism: 25
      Media and Education:  5
      Media Studies: 12
      New Media Management: 22
      Photography: 12
      Public Diplomacy: 12
      Public Relations: 30
      Television, Radio and Film: 35

      Communications@Syracuse: 50

  • Do you require that applicants have prior work experience? opener
    • Previous work experience is not required. Our programs are designed to teach you the skills required in the industry. A clear understanding of the programs is necessary to be admitted and to be successful. Previous experience can be very helpful, particularly when it is time to find an internship and/or job.

  • Is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) required? Can I submit my application without GRE scores? opener
    • The general GRE is required for all programs except audio arts, media and education, photography, television, radio and film and Communications@Syracuse. New media management is the only program that will accept the GMAT in place of the GRE. For other programs it cannot be waived, nor can it be replaced by GMAT, LSAT or other scores. You may submit your application without GRE scores, but it will not be reviewed until complete. We recommend taking the GRE prior to December 30, since it can take up to three weeks for us to receive official scores.

      If you submit your application without scores it will not be reviewed until the scores are received. Please contact us once you have taken the exam.

  • Is there a minimum GRE requirement? opener
    • No. We take all aspects of the application into consideration. Average GRE scores for our admitted applicants this past year were 153 verbal, 156 quantitative and 4.0 analytical writing.

  • What codes should I use to report my test scores? opener
    • The institution code for SU is 2823. The department code is not used for TOEFL and GRE.

  • Who has to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)? opener
    • All international applicants from non-English speaking countries must provide a TOEFL or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score unless they attended an accredited American college or university full-time for one year or more. We rarely accept applicants whose TOEFL scores are below 100 (iBT) or whose IELTS scores are below 7.0, as we have found that these students have difficulty completing our writing-intensive, deadline-driven programs. The average TOEFL score of our admitted international students is 104.

  • Do you accept three-year bachelor's degrees? opener
    • All students must hold, or be in the process of receiving, a bachelor's degree from the U.S. or its equivalent.

      We generally do not consider three-year degrees from India to be equivalent so we would require a WES evaluation stating its equialency or an additional year of serious study in the form of a post-graduate diploma or similar. This course must be completed above and beyond the three-year degree. Three-year degrees from other countries will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Do you offer conditional admission? opener
    • We do not. We must have all required parts of the application in before we can conduct review. That includes all required test scores. While we encourage participation in the University's English Language Institute, we cannot accept that in lieu of the TOEFL or IELTS.

  • Can I apply to more than one program? opener
    • Yes, you may apply to more than one program.  You must submit an application for each program and a personal statement for each program and pay application fees for each program. Please note that if admitted to more than one, you may only accept one offer.

  • Are interviews required? opener
    • Yes. Video interviews are conducted online via Kira Talent. A few days after your application is submitted, we will send you an invitation link. You are asked to create an account on Kira, test your computer's audio and video (or your mobile device) and answer some practice questions. Actual interview questions are not available ahead of time so no prior preparation is necessary. You will be asked four interview questions that may require a mixture of video and written responses. Each response does have a time limit.

      Kira interviews are not required for applicants to Communications@Syracuse.

      Informational interviews can also be scheduled with relevant program directors and faculty, at the applicant's request.

  • How will I find out if I'm admitted? opener
    • If you application was complete by our application deadline of January 15, then you will be notified on or around March 1. Notifications are sent via email, so be sure to add pcgrad@syr.edu to your address book to prevent missed messages.

      Communications@Syracuse follows different application deadlines for each of its start dates and admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis.

  • What types of merit aid do you offer? opener
    • Newhouse offers merit aid in the form of scholarships and instructional associate positions. These awards are partial awards in an effort to spread as much aid to as many candidates as possible. Details are available on the financial aid page. 

      We do have one full fellowship program.

      Communications@Syracuse online students are not eligible for merit aid awards at this time.

  • When will I find out if I've been awarded merit-based aid? opener
    • Financial aid decisions begin in mid-March and are usually finalized by April 1, at which time you will be contacted by email.

  • How much does the program cost? opener
  • When does the program start? How long is the program? opener
    • All professional programs begin in the summer, usually the first week in July. They are designed to be completed in one calendar year. See Schedule for more information.

      Media Studies begins every fall and is designed to be completed in 18 to 24 months.

      Communications@Syracuse has four start dates per year and can be completed in as little as 18 months. More information can be found on the program's admissions page. 

  • Am I allowed to defer my admission? opener
    • Requests to defer are considered on a case-by-case basis. Submit your reuqest via email to pcgrad@syr.edu, briefly describing your reasons for reuqesting the deferral. If approved, it will one-time and for one year.

  • What is needed if I decide to reapply? opener
    • Application materials are kept on file for one year. If you apply within the year we just need a new personal statement and resume. We may also request additional materials. If you apply beyond that timeframe, we would need a new application and all required documents. Official test scores are still retained in our system so you would not need to request those again. Please email us at pcgrad@syr.edu if you plan to reapply.

  • Do you offer housing for graduate students? opener
    • The University does not have on-campus housing available for graduate students. That said, there are privately managed housing complexes on University property that are specifically for SU students. There are also a number of available off-campus housing options, many within walking distance. Details are available on our housing section.

  • What kind of career can I expect after I graduate? opener
  • Can I take Newhouse graduate courses on a non-matriculated basis? opener
    • Usually not. However, it is occasionally possible for a student holding a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution to take a maximum of six credits on a non-matriculated basis. This can only be done on a space-available basis, with the permission of the instructor and with approval in writing by the chair of the department in which the course is offered. Successful performance as a non-matriculated student does not lead to preferential treatment in decisions involving admittance to graduate degree programs.

  • What is Communications@Syracuse? How is it different from on-campus programs? opener
    • Communications@Syracuse is an online Master of Science in Communications from the Newhouse School. This program offers students a foundation in communications, digital media, social media and digital journalism with courses taught by the same Newhouse faculty who teach on campus. Students can choose from three specializations: advertising, public relations and journalism innovation. Designed for working professionals, the Master's in Communications features live online classes, dynamic course content and in-person immersion experiences in cities around the world.

Academic master's degree (Media Studies)

  • What is your application deadline? opener
    • January 15, 2017. Applications received after January 15 will be considered on a space-available basis.

  • What are your required application materials? opener
    • In addition to the application itself, we require a personal statement, CV or resume, three letters of recommendation, transcripts from all previous institutions, GRE scores and TOEFL scores for students whose native language is not English.

  • What is the required minimum GRE score for admission? opener
    • There is no required score; rather, we consider scores in context of the entire application.

  • When does the program start? opener
    • The media studies program begins in the fall semester.

  • How long is the program? opener
    • The media studies program is typically two years long, including the thesis.

  • Do you accept new students for the spring semester? opener
    • No. Admissions are granted for the fall semester only.

  • Is funding available? opener
    • Yes, media studies students often work as research or teaching assistants. Learn more about our instructional and research assistantships, as well as program, travel and thesis funding, on our funding page.

  • Where can I find the application? opener
  • Where should I send my support materials? opener
    • Please send all support materials to:

      Enrollment Management Processing Center
      Syracuse University
      Graduate Admissions Processing
      P.O. Box 35060
      Syracuse New York 13235-5060

      If you are sending materials using a package delivery company (i.e. FedEx, UPS, DHL), send materials to:

      Enrollment Management Processing Center
      Syracuse University
      Graduate Admissions Processing
      716 E. Washington St., Suite 200
      Syracuse New York 13210-1572


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