Visual Communications

Photo of four women in golden makeup.

Multimedia is a word that gets tossed around a lot these days. What does it mean? Does it simply refer to modern digital technology? We see multimedia as much more: It's about storytelling. Our students learn how to skillfully use multimedia tools—still and video cameras, computer software, audio recorders and mobile devices—to create compelling stories with strong visual impact. Every bit of work, whether a photo gallery, a design portfolio or an infographic, tells a story.

Newhouse's Visual Communications Department offers bachelor's degrees in photography and graphic design, and a master's degree in photography.


Multimedia is all about creating powerful visual storytelling that touches hearts and minds. Our students do it all. They use video, audio, photography, design, motion graphics, and information graphics to tell commercial and journalistic stories that matter.


Photography majors show the world from two different viewpoints. Photojournalists tell real-life stories about people in ordinary and extraordinary times. Illustration photographers create sets with products and people to show them in the best light possible.


Designers impact every form of visual communications from traditional print media such as newspapers, corporate communications, advertising and magazines, to multimedia messages in web design, social media and broadcast media.

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