Meet the '16-'17 Arts Journalists

Christian Beltz — Music

Headshot of Christian Beltz

Christian Medina Beltz is a working journalist, educator and performance artist. He served as campus site director for the Motivational Edge, a youth development organization that uses the arts to inspire youth. A University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate, he worked with campus radio station 91.7 WSUM to produce a weekly hip-hop show. Christian also served as a course facilitator for InterCultural Dialogues, a sociology class about social identity and inequality. His publication credits include Bloomberg BNA and Miami New Times.

Kayla Boyd — Fashion and Beauty

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Kayla Boyd is a journalist and multimedia blogger with a strong interest in fashion and beauty. She graduated summa cum laude from Eastern Michigan University with a B.S. in journalism as well as in apparel, textiles and merchandising, with a minor in marketing. She served as the arts and entertainment editor for the campus newspaper, the Eastern Echo. Kayla runs her own lifestyle blog at and does some freelance writing and photography as well. She has also interned as a style guru for

Hailey Clark

Headshot of Hailey Clark

Hailey Clark recently tested Xerox printers for software defects. Although dissimilar to what we think of as “press,” this technical writing style required all the aspects of good journalism, including fairness, accuracy and timeliness. Prior to this, Hailey wrote press releases targeting community health as part of an undergraduate internship at SUNY Cortland, where her creative writing was published in three different campus magazines. 

Xuzhi Ding — Music

Headshot of Xuzhi Ding

Part-time online movie and music reviewer, full-time adventurer, Xuzhi Ding came to realize the importance of communication across cultures after living in first China and now the United States. Driven by an insatiable curiosity about the arts and media industries, she decided to expand her knowledge and establish a career through the pursuit of arts of various types and story-telling across platforms. By being keen and sensitive, by observing as well as learning, Xuzhi is preparing to be a top-notch arts journalist who makes an impact on the world.

Chase Ferren — Food and Visual Arts

Headshot of Chase Ferren

Avid food eater and art admirer Chase Ferren is a freelance journalist from Rochester. She contributes to Boomtown Table and City Newspaper, and works as a news curator for Stu Loeser & Co., a communications firm in New York City. While at Nazareth College, Chase majored in communication and rhetoric and minored in philosophy. She served as editor in chief of Nazareth’s online publication, the Golden Gazette, and cofounded the Humans of Naz Instagram. In addition to being a journalist, she fancies herself a poet and general creator. 


Beth Lindly — Popular Culture and Television

Headshot of Beth Lindly

Beth Lindly is a native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and a long-suffering television and pop culture fiend. After graduating from the University of Alabama in 2015 with a degree in journalism and creative writing, she moved to New York City and had social media internships at the magazines Backstage and Nylon. She enjoys most things, especially iced lattes and writing.  

Brianna Kirkham - Performance Art (focusing on social justice and protest)

Headshot of Brianna Kirkham

Brianna Kirkham is a multimedia journalist drawn to social justice performance art and feminist rhetoric. Her news coverage has been picked up and published by the Columbus Republic and Indiana Public Radio. She has also worked as a fellow for political field organizations. With her journalism and telecommunication news degree from Ball State University, Brianna hopes to strengthen her knowledge of the arts. She aspires to write for late-night television, write think pieces for an independently owned media outlet or teach at a university.

Dara McBride - Visual Arts and Theater

Headshot of Dara McBride

Dara McBride has been working as a lifestyles editor and reporter for the Cecil Whig, a newspaper in Maryland, for three years. She has covered everything from local artists and community theater to reality television contestants and touring folk musicians. A 2013 graduate of Syracuse University, she studied newspaper and online journalism and business management, and also served as editor of the Daily Orange. A Delaware native, she previously interned with the Philadelphia Inquirer and the (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal.

Shradha Rao — Fashion, Film and Literature

Headshot of Shradha Rao

Having been a student of both dance and music, Shradha Rao feels a strong and intimate connection with art. After earning a bachelor’s degree in English literature and a diploma in international law and diplomacy, both in India, she worked with several NGOs and cofounded, a platform to share stories she feels are relevant. A fashion, film and literature enthusiast, Shradha aspires to work toward becoming a successful art critic with a fresh angle to all of her stories.

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