Our students capture the world in their lenses through photojournalism and illustration photography.

A photo of a female gymnast in mid air.

Our multimedia photography and design programs prepare students for creative careers by teaching both traditional storytelling and the latest technology.

As a Newhouse photography student, you can develop your skills with a focus in one of two professional sequences: illustration photography or photojournalism. If you're interested in illustration photography, you'll likely enjoy working in a studio capturing images for advertising, fashion and portraits to be used in print and online. If you enjoy the excitement of being in the field capturing a story as it unfolds or telling a story of the human condition using images, sound and text, the photojournalism sequence will likely interest you. Visual journalists work online and in print.

Build skills, add your creative vision

Both multimedia photo sequences emphasize production skills, including still imaging, video and sound using a vast array of software and state-of-the-art imaging methods to construct multimedia projects. As a photography major, you also develop skills in graphic design and writing, which will enhance your portfolio and presentation. Photographers are also grounded in communications ethics and law and learn about entrepreneurship.

You can further enhance your visual communications experience through work on one of many campus publications or collaboration with other majors on journalism projects, or on advertising or public relations campaigns. Broaden your perspective and add greater variety and depth to your experiences by studying photography in London through SU Abroad.

Featured Faculty:
Lawrence Mason

This is a photo of Lawrence Mason
Professor Multimedia Photography & Design Also teaches in: Communications Photography Communications Photography Fashion & Beauty Communications Milestone Illustration Photography

Lawrence Mason has a background in communications photography, television, newspaper, magazine, radio and molecular genetics, in which he holds a Ph.D. He is a former picture editor and staff photographer for the Syracuse Herald-Journal and Herald-American, and served as the Central New York picture coordinator for United Press International. He freelances for The New York Times and US News & World Report.

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