Graphic Design

Our graphic design program is in the business of both teaching and empowering multimedia rockstars.

Image of student project designing "Hippie Granola" cereal box.

Our multimedia photography and design programs prepare students for creative careers by teaching both traditional storytelling and the latest technology.

Graphic designers are a crucial link in the communications model, solving design problems for clients through agencies specializing in design, advertising or public relations. They are key to magazine and editorial design, and in web and multimedia design. Some designers cross media platforms by working independently as freelancers.

Our approach to teaching visual communications

As a graphic design student at Newhouse, you learn a multi-dimensional approach to visual communications. You study typography, layout, color, movement, space, visual hierarchy and use of imagery to create beautifully crafted and visually literate designs using state-of-the-art computer software programs.

Working collaboratively on multiple platforms, you become a visual problem solver and communicator, capable of working in every phase of production—from writing and editing to photographing, imaging and designing. You develop a versatile senior portfolio that will prepare you for career opportunities in almost every sector of the communications industry.

Professional experience sets our faculty apart

Our multimedia photography and design faculty—who come from a variety of fields including interactive design, journalism, advertising, fashion and illustration—are multimedia experts who teach using the latest digital tools. Class work is supplemented by work in professional internships, workshops and collaborative projects with actual clients.

You can also discuss graphic design with visiting speakers and practice and enhance your skills as a design editor or art director for more than 18 student-run campus publications.

Featured Faculty:
Claudia Strong

This is a photo of Claudia Strong
Adjunct Faculty Visual Communications Also teaches in: Graphic Design Military Visual Journalism Photography

Claudia Strong teaches various graphic design and writing courses to undergraduate, graduate and military students. On the design side, she teaches majors and non-majors fundamental visual principles and strategies; she also teaches how to create a digital typeface from scratch, how to use typography powerfully, and how to design magazines, books and newspapers. On the writing side, she helps photographers and videographers hone the writing skills they need to create compelling captions, titles, story summaries, proposals and other text that helps support their visual projects.

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