Faculty Research

Professor Makana Chock speaks to a group of students

Our communications faculty are known globally for their research and creative work.

Professor Frank Biocca is director of Newhouse's Media, Interface and Network Design (M.I.N.D.) Lab. He is interested in how mind and media can be coupled to extend human cognition and enhance human performance. He is the author of Communication in the Age of Virtual Reality.

Associate Professor Makana Chock conducts research in media processes and effects and perceived realism. Other interests include communications theory; health communications; media and child development; media and sex risk communications and women in media.

Department Chair Brad Gorham focuses on the ways people process media information about social groups, particularly how stereotypes affect the way people make sense of the media content they consume.

Research Associate Professor Leanne Hirshfield specializes in the area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Her research explores the use of non-invasive brain measurement to passively classify people’s mental states in order to enhance usability testing and adaptive system design, and to advance research in communications and new media. Hirshfield runs a state-of-the-art HCI lab, which contains over $500,000 of non-invasive cognitive, physiological and behavioral measurement devices.

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